Insurance What Is It Good For?

Insurance What Is It Good For?

What is insurance good for.

Insurance…What Is It Good For?

You know you need coverage to satisfy your lease or commissary kitchen, but what does insurance do for YOU?

Below are some examples of where a proper insurance policy can protect your hard earned business.

Types of risk Food Trailers are exposed to:

product liability for food trailer.jpg

Bodily Injury:

  • A customer buys a hot dog from your stand. While eating the hot dog, the customer suddenly chips a tooth on something hard contained inside the hot dog. The customer incurs $700 in medical expenses and $6,000 in corrective dental expenses.

Premise Liability:Premise liability insurance.jpg

  • Customers are within the premises you occupy choosing the perfect meal. A customer trips over an extension cord lying on the ground and sprains a knee. The customer incurs $1,200 in medical expenses for x-rays and $3,500 in lost wages.

theft of a food trailer.jpg


  • The day is over and your trailer is stored for the evening. You awake to find it has been stolen. You will now need to spend $15,000 on a new cart and equipment.

food truck collision.jpg


  • You’re pulling your trailer to the big event and run a light and your trailer is hit!  This causes severe damage to your food trailer or food cart. Damage to the trailer runs $4,000.

These are just a few examples of the insurance coverage options we offer.  Like anything in life, it’s better to be prepared.  Not thinking ahead to plan your coverages could lead to several thousand dollars in unexpected bills.

Check out our Glossary of Insurance terms to learn more.