7-reasons.jpgIf you are not convinced you need proper insurance for your mobile food business, let me share 7 reasons why you should think again!

1) It’s the law. States require all vehicles on the road to carry insurance.

2) Opens up opportunities. Without a general liability policy on your truck, events, landlords, and commissary kitchens won’t work with you.

3) Sound risk management and peace of mind. If you invest thousands into your truck and countless hours building your business you don’t want to see it end in a split second from an accident or theft.

4) It’s socially responsible. The last thing you want to do is injure someone or damage their property with no way to help. Insurance provides a means to compensate others for accidents.

5) Protects your employees. Employees are often like family (or are family), and Workers Comp insurance compensates them and pays medical bills if they are injured doing their job.

6) Legal protection. Insurance companies pay attorney’s fees on your behalf.  Even for frivolous claims.

7) Protection for your assets. Accidents happen, and without insurance, your assets and your business are on the line.

Insure My Food offers affordable insurance made easy for food trailers, food trucks, and mobile food vendors. We offer a one-page quick quote form, or check out our other blogs for more tips!