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The right coverage and price

We represent top rated insurance companies. Submit one quote request and we’ll help find the best price & coverage options for you.

No extra charges for additional insureds

As required by most commissary kitchens, events, etc. Email, call, or fill out our online form.  We respond fast, at no additional charge.

No liability deductible

Our zero deductible plans give your business legal and claim protection, without being out of pocket.

Property coverage that covers your business

Our insurance policies cover collision, theft, vandalism, weather, and more, regardless of the location.

Why Insure My Food?

Insure My Food was designed by an insurance agency that “gets” food manufacturers. We understand the challenges and needs of your business and are committed to supporting the food manufacturer community.

We know you don’t have time to spend on long applications, or agents who don’t understand your business. Not only do we insure in almost every state, We represent many different food manufacturer insurance carriers and can shop the best fit for your business for cost and coverage options without any sales pressure.

Get your free food manufacturing insurance quote in less than 5 minutes


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Amazing! I shopped around, and by far they were the most knowledgeable about insurance for food trucks! They made the process so EASY. What I appreciate the most… they are equally responsive following the signing of the policy! I highly recommend!

Marlene Parks

Oh Wee Wings

We are entering our third year with you guys, and you have provided superb service. I also like the wealth of food truck industry information available via links on his website and FB page; great for newbies and those looking for guidance! They are always quick with an insightful reply to my email queries as well.

Mike Cassidy

Good Eats

My experience with Insure My Food has been the best. Why? Fast and accurate help, along with reasonable prices and efficient service make my business easier to run. Fine job folks!

Mike Silverstein


The Insure My Food Difference

Running a food manufacturing business can be fun, rewarding, and sometimes overwhelming with the number of hats you have to wear as a business owner. Insurance is probably the last thing you want to think about, let alone pay for, however it is an integral part of any business.

You will at least need general liability insurance as required by vendors such as commissaries, landlords, or events. And you probably poured countless hours and money into your food manufacturing business, so you want to make sure your investment is protected right?

We represent many different insurance carriers and can shop the best fit for your business for cost and coverage options without any sales pressure.


Insure My Food

Get your free food truck imanufacturing quote in less than 5 minutes

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